I am thrilled to announce my solo art exhibit at Taylor Junction Gallery in Joshua Tree, California.  The show opens June 9th, 6-10 pm and runs for the month either by appointment during the week or open hours on the weekends.

The exhibit will feature 19 different never before shown paintings.  This exhibit is my personal exploration into the unknown and I would be honored if you join me.

View the event details here: EVENT

From Beyond and to The Unknown

I have always been fascinated by the unknown and our species’ capacity to eventually understand what was previously unknown. Yet, the breadth of what we do know about ourselves, our universe, and existence is monumentally dwarfed by what we do not know. The infinite quality of the unknown inspires my curiosity in equally infinite measure. I am overwhelmed by wonder when I look at the night sky and recognize how insignificant we are on a cosmic scale in both space and time. However, for many people, contemplating the unknown reveals uncertainty that undermines their security in the world around them, so they avoid thinking about it. At best, this aversion can manifest as complacency and at worst as active resistance to new ideas.

From Beyond and to The Unknown represents my curiosity about what we do not know. It optimistically asks: “What awaits us at each new horizon of discovery?” and cautiously wonders “Will our species continue to reveal the unknown, or eventually succumb to intellectual apathy?” History demonstrates that we are well equipped to pursue either path. Which path are you on?

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
24 x 36 inches
acrylic and resin on wood

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